I have had the extreme pleasure of getting to know and hear from voters in Ward F and the greater Edmonton area over these last 6 months. There are so many folks who are so very invested in our community and there is no greater pleasure than interacting and listening to all their different points of view. It has also been a true gift to interact with my fellow Ward F candidates- while I very much want the chance to work for the residents of Ward F and the entire EPSB, I am so encouraged to know that regardless of wether I win or lose, my children and yours will be in their capable hands.

Within these interactions however, I have noticed an increasing number of times where I have had to write the words “I’m not the candidate for you.” This may seem like a grave mistake to make for someone who is campaigning to earn votes, but there is no amount of finessing these specific issues. I thought I would just lay them out for you here in an easy to read list so you know if I’m the one for you!

I’m not your gal if…

-You believe that masking, cohorting, testing, and tracing, are a waste of time and that we are infringing on children’s freedoms by requiring their use.

-You believe that police officers should be in regular attendance in schools.

-You believe that the draft curriculum is in any way acceptable.

-You believe that as a parent you have the right to require teachers to “out” your child

-You believe that we shouldn’t be observing September 30 and/or a more inclusive holiday calendar.

-You believe that public funding should be going anywhere other than public schools.

If you are looking for someone who does believe in the things on this list, I’m afraid I’m not the candidate for you. I thank everyone for taking the time to do the research on your candidates and I hope this list has made your decision a little easier. As always, please reach out to me should you wish to discuss anything in further detail.


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